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J-3 Men’s Groups

Dear Jesus-Man,

What if I told you that you were being offered an invitation to 8 weeks that would change your life? Eight weeks that launched you on a journey of discovery and growth to help you become who God created and destined you to be? And if you go on this journey, we give you the assurance that you will “taste and know” what it is to become fully alive, fully engaged, living out loud and on purpose, with joy, faith, and confidence, no matter what life throws at you. Let me assure you, you can be a man who really learns to love like Jesus, and who people will say, “that guy has been with Jesus.” (Acts 4:13)

However, this kind of living does not happen alone.

It happens only in a multigenerational band of brothers! So join us. You are man enough! You want this! And we want you to join us on this adventurous journey.

You may ask, what is required?

Thanks for asking. Nothing is required if you want mediocrity. However, if you want a massive boost to your spiritual and emotional well-being and growth, then this requires you to engage fully – your heart, mind, and soul – for 8 weeks… an experiential boot camp of sorts… Only 2 hours a week of training with the group… but then we will provide you with daily, purposeful training to do on your own each day. And we can confidently tell you, that if you will say “yes”, it will be one of the greatest “yes’” of your life.”

We start on March 26th, Sunday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

Our last training will be May 14th, 2023…and then we will continue once a month for ongoing support. Men will gather at the Big House in Laramie. We will also provide Zoom, Live Stream, and we will record the training. So you can attend in person, or watch online.

Join a J3 Group

Each man will be encouraged to join a small group of 3 men we call a “J3” (Jesus plus three).

J3s will be your “battle buddies” – a powerful connection with friends who will help one another move forward into their true selves and kingdom destiny.

Please register your interest by creating an account here:

With Christ’s Passion,

Tim Johns
(Along with the Jesus Men’s Leadership Team)

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