Next steps in being a Member

The Invitation

Quite simply, we are inviting you to join ”church online”. ”Church” is defined as being two people (or more) joining together in the Name of Jesus for fellowship, encouragement, sharing hearts, and hearing from the Holy Spirit. Church online is different to ”regular” church in that we are all in this together and there is no official program as such. It is a Kingdom Family. However, we will introduce you to our Rhythms of Grace, which are regular activities or practices that we follow every time we meet.

Our Rhythms of Grace, Learned in LIFE 101

  1. We Check in. We find out how each other is doing. How are you feeling.
  2. We listen to Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus and we learn to hear and listen to Him.
  3. We share what Jesus is saying to us.
  4. We share in a discussion topic.
  5. We pray for each other.

A. Watch the Introduction to LIFE 101 Course

This is a quick overview about what you could expect.

B. Book a Zoom Interview

Before you are admitted to the LIFE 101 program you will be interviewed by one of our Team Leaders.

Schedule the Interview here.

C. Upon admittance, you will be given access to the Expedition LIFE 101 Course.