Pray, Listen, and Obey

BASECAMP, the start of a new Journey

Have you thought about what’s coming? Have you planned to invest in yourself? Have you factored into your future the immense challenge of change? Do you think that you might need God’s help?

As a young man growing up I learned to sail. What a wonderful experience! Challenging! You learn that while you cannot control or direct the wind you can learn to control the movement and direction of the boat. Even when the wind is against you, you can still point and tack into the wind.

Life is a lot like that. Even when things appear contrary we can choose to “point (head into the wind) and tack (change direction many times) so that our progress is a forward one.

As we begin this new Jesus Men’s program we invite, perhaps urge you to pray. By that we mean that you take time EXPRESS your desires and needs to God, and then allow time with an open and inclined ear to LISTEN to His response to you. There is no question that He loves you dearly and wants you to know that. He is the One Who reveals to you your identity as a beloved son.

When we begin to see how He sees us, we begin to change into what His definition is of us. We then begin transform into His likeness.


  • Quiet your soul
  • Express gratefulness and thanks
  • Pray for a spirit of revelation to enter your heart
  • Ask Him to tell you who he think you are
  • Write down what He says to you
  • Meditate (think over) what the Father shared with you

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