The BIG Invitation from Tim Johns

Hello Dear Jesus Buddies,

I am reaching out to invite you to consider participating in a very powerful discipleship strategy we are starting with men. We are calling this relational discipleship “Jesus Men.” This training will include getting men into small groups of 3, a J3 (Jesus plus 3 men).

Would you listen to Jesus to see if he might be moving you into a more intentional season of discipleship with Jesus and other men? 

On Sunday evenings, starting March 26, at 6:30 pm (Mountain Time) we will gather men from Laramie at our Rock Laramie “Big House” for a time of connecting with relational & experiential training. 
This Sunday evening live training will go for 8 consecutive weeks and then continue once a month. In addition, we will help every guy get into a small group of men called J3’s (Jesus plus 3 men). This training will be available to any man around the country or other nations. Anyone can join us live online through Zoom. We will also record each session, so if you can’t join us live, you can watch any time you are free.  

The ultimate goal for Jesus Men is to be a catalyst that helps men transform into the likeness of Christ.  By offering a Biblical and relational approach, we believe you and others will be empowered to heal and mature emotionally and relationally. When men come together around Jesus and open their hearts, several very big things will happen

  • 1. We will experience the Presence of Jesus as Lord – the greatest gift of all!
  • 2. We will experience the Power of Jesus’s Spirit to live a kingdom lifestyle, 
  • 3. We will experience a much higher level of the grace of God because God mediates His grace through the people we connect with.
  • 4. Love-Joy will increase
  • 5. Joy-Strength will increase 
  • 6. Peace will increase 
  • 7. We will discover and walk out our true identities and destinies in the kingdom. By connecting with a band of brothers, more resources will be available for us to successfully “reign in life.” (Romans 5:17)

I’ve attached a link to a YouTube video of Michael Sullivant and me discussing some of the big “whys” and “hows” of this upcoming Jesus Men’s Discipleship Training.

We are simply asking you to sign up, so that we can provide a way you can connect with us through zoom and to receive ongoing resources for growth. You can sign up HERE,  You do not need to be a part of the Rock Tribe. You just need to have a humble, hungry, and teachable heart.

With Father’s Love, Affection, and Joy!

Tim Johns