Where are you headed?

An excerpt from “Living From The Heart Jesus Gave You” by Dr. Jim Wilder.

You are somewhere on your path to maturity. There will, undoubtedly, be unforeseen difficulties, and you still have a way to go, but do not be discouraged because your destination is better than you can even imagine right now.

Jim Wilder

Your journey will go well if you can live from your heart, “the heart Jesus gave you,” as Dr. Dallas Willard would say. While you are living from your hurt, you may not be able to discover the characteristics of your heart.

As God heals the hurt and is invited into every area of your life, you will be able to discover the nature of your heart. The people who see you as God sees you can tell you what your heart is really like, so pay attention to what they tell you about your heart and use it as your guide for living.

When you are living from your heart you are truly being yourself. Joy increases and fear decreases, as you go about your daily activities. The word “freedom” is often used to describe how it feels to live from your heart, and you certainly need freedom to make headway along your maturity pathway. And while you are on that pathway, try to avoid isolation. You cannot overcome life’s obstacles alone.

As your maturity progresses, you will be able to help others discover how to live from their hearts, too. That is a fulfilling experience. You can be incredibly proud of those you have helped in making progress with maturity, and that will give you increased confidence that your own journey is on its proper course. You will find that others are growing as you are growing.

Experiencing God, loving one another, and bearing each other’s burdens will become richer and more natural as you learn more about receiving and giving life. Living From The Heart Jesus Gave You(1) is about receiving and giving life, reaching a higher level of maturity, receiving healing for life’s inevitable traumas, and having your life governed by the joy of the Lord. But this process does not happen in isolation. It takes family and it takes community.

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